Training & Support

There are two key elements to your success in Kleeneze

1. Our System, Training and Support

2. Your input

We think that this first point is so crucial to your success that we have it as a headline on the home page. This is why we make it our number one priority. We believe that we offer the very best training and support available in Kleeneze and can offer you everything that you need to be successful.

When You First Start

As well as the Kleeneze business manual and everything else that is included in the Kleeneze Business kit you will also get:-
  • The support of your “Sponsor” (the person that introduced you) and a number of other very successful Kleeneze Distributors that will all have a vested interest in helping and supporting you. We positively encourage communication with everyone in your upline which will ensure that you will always have the very highest level of support.
  • Group Support Website. This is an easy to follow guide to the basics of building your customer base (online and offline) and avoiding any early mistakes. Crucially this explains each step clearly and concisely. Absolutely everybody that is consistently applying these simple steps is being successful. If you would like details now, please click Here and we would be delighted to explain more.
  • A book explaining the basics of building your new Kleeneze business. These are the fundamentals that have lead to the growth of the most successful team in Kleeneze.
  • The most  successful system in Kleeneze for developing a loyal customer base.
  • The most successful  system in Kleeneze for building a Team that is so flexible it can be duplicated by anybody including those with very little time available.
  • Email loop for on-line training, information & video communications
  • Training System online. This is perhaps the single most important facility that will be made available to you. You will receive…….
    •    advice from other successful distributors
    •     Motivation
    •     Information on developments from the Company
    •     Information on meetings, trainings and social events.
    •     Success stories from new and experienced distributors
    •     Group cohesion
    •     Fast & frequent communication with upline & team, day or night.
    •     Access to communications whilst travelling anywhere in the world.

Training Events

You will have access to a whole network of Training and Support events all over the UK and Ireland. These are the various facilities available:-

o    One on one coaching coaching
o    Small informal interactive sessions, normally held in a hotel lounge, a pub or someone’s home.
o    Interactive telephone conference calls, easily accessible from anywhere in the world for short training sessions, normally from the comfort of your home.
o    On-line Webinars These are accessible to everyone in the team; just log-on from the comfort of your own home for trainings on how to market your business on the internet.
o   Training videos demonstrating precisely how to market your Kleeneze business on-line.
o   Open evenings in a hotel meeting room for you and your guests. A presentation of the opportunity normally followed by an element of training.
o    Network Trainings. These full day trainings give a comprehensive explanation of the entire Fast Forward Group system: from putting your first catalogues out right through to developing a thriving team.
o    Workshops. These are fun, interactive trainings to develop further our skills, philosophies and attitudes to allow us all to make the most of this unique opportunity with Kleeneze.
o    Millionaires College. You would typically need £1 million on deposit to have a passive income of £1,000 per week. There are many in Kleeneze that are achieving this Millionaires lifestyle long before they have a £million. These Fast Forward Group show case events will show you how to achieve the Millionaires Lifestyle.
o    Kleeneze National Conferences at the NIA in Birmingham. niaThese are the largest business conventions in the Country with up to 7000 people attending. These will inspire you, your guests and your team. For the corporate perspective and the very best training in the industry these are “not to be missed“ events. Usually held in January and September.
o    Overseas Conferences. These are very special all expenses paid trips to exotic locations across the world with other highly successful Distributors. These have to be qualified for and are explained more fully on the Extra Benefits page.


In Kleeneze you will be “recognised” for your achievements every step of the way andrecognition no-one does it better than The Infinity Group! Isn’t it nice to have someone say “well done you are doing a great job”? In Kleeneze recognition starts with the presentation of certificates and pins right through to being presented on stage at the National Conference with a brand new car!

Kleeneze Service Centre

Kleeneze has a dedicated team that are just a phone call away, available to help you anyway they can. They are available 13 hours /day Monday to Friday.servicecenter
Additionally there is also a dedicated phone number at Kleeneze with many automated services for you to access at your convenience, from card payments to checking your orders etc 24 hours /day. Once you are a registered distributor you will have access to a password protected website where you will have access to place your orders with Kleeneze, process credit card payments, view the sales figures for you and your team and so on. Virtually all your business direct with Kleeneze will be carried out via the website.

Business building websites

On joining The Infinity Group you will have access to special facilities that will provide you with two types of lead generation Websites; one openly about Kleeneze, and one blind, that just refers to an opportunity to earn extra income. These are websites that you would use on business cards, leaflets or any other advertising material that is offering the Kleeneze business opportunity for people that are looking for an extra income, work from home opportunity etc. With no previous experience or any expertise you can have your very own, personalised, fully functioning web site. 

Business Building Materials

Whether retailing part-time or building a large team full-time there are various items of stationary, sales aids, advertising materials, business cards etc that you will need. You will have access to a very comprehensive supply of all these business building materials from our specialist non-profit making on-line web shop. This facility was set up by and is run by Kleeneze Distributors exclusively for the support of one section of the Kleeneze network of which The Infinity Group is a part. This invaluable facility provides everything that you will need to build your business at the lowest prices possible and will be available for you and everyone that joins your team.

The leaders within The Infinity Group are committed to ongoing rapid growth as are the upline leaders. All upline leaders and leaders within The Infinity Group are committed to the same “system”: the system that has created the most successful Team in Kleeneze. This consistent approach is crucial to the strength of the team as a whole and to the individuals within it. There is clear and consistent direction. When you know where you are going and the directions are clear, you will arrive at you destination.
This summarises the support and training that is available to you which is not all available to everyone in the Kleeneze opportunity. This truly is the place to Join the Kleeneze business. “When you join The Infinity Group you join a great Team. You will be in business for yourself but you will never be by yourself”. 
Click Here to get started or just register your interest, without obligation.
“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better” – Jim Rohn

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Wealth Warning

‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’