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There are two sides to the Kleeneze business. Both of which are entirely optional.

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Retailing the products

This is normally done in one or both of two ways.
1. On-line via Social Media and through your own on-line webshop. You webshop will be provided as soon as Facebook logoyou get registered along with short simple instructional videos to show step by step exactly what you need to do. You could be generatng your first Kleeneze orders today! The products in our K-Life range sell particularly well on-line.
2. Distribution of the Kleeneze catalogues in your neighbourhood. After a few months of working our proven system you will have identified who your letterboxcustomers are. This “customer base” will serve you well for as long as you serve your customers well. There are no territory restrictions and therefore no limits on where or how much you choose to retail. You retail the products to a level that suits you.


Team Building

With our proven system we can help you to develop a thriving team of fellow Distributors. Kleeneze will reward you for growing their business in proportion to the volume of business that you and your entire organisation generate. There are no limits on the size of the team that you help to develop and therefore no limits on the income that you generate.


Kleeneze Retail Profit

On all products that you supply to your customers you will earn nearly 21% of the catalogue price. Generate £100 worth of retail orders and £21 will be yours to keep. You can be collecting this retail profit within just a few days of getting started. In addition to the retail profit you can also earn Kleeneze Volume Profit

Kleeneze Volume Profit

Here’s how it works. If you post and collect 200 Kleeneze catalogues per week, you will on average turnover £800 in the 4 week sales period. This will earn you an extra 6% volume profit on top of your 21% retail profit (see table below)
£ Retail sales   % of Sales Plan Value (SPV)
(wholesale price excluding VAT)
Extra % you get of
the retail value
Over £780 10 6
Over £1560 13 8
Over £2700 15 10
Over £4080 18 12
Over £6120 21 14
Over £9000  24 16
So you can see that retailing £800 in a 4 week period (approx 8 hours work per week) would result in: £165 retail profit and an additional £50 volume profit = £215 per period.
If you have more time, are working with a partner or just wish to put more time into it, the amount of Kleeneze catalogues you work with could quite easily be doubled or trebled – resulting in your income being more than doubled, or trebled as you achieve higher percentage volume profit.  There are a few Distributors that personally retail over £9,000 per four week period thereby earning themselves over £3,000 per 4 week period. The table below shows what you can expect to earn from the retail side of the business alone.
Kleeneze what can I earn

The example highlighted above is a good target to aim for in the first period which will get you back into profit within a couple of weeks and return a significant profit by the end of the first 4 week period.

As an average across the UK for every 100 catalogues distributed, £100 worth of retail sales will be generated. So for the example highlighted above, to generate £400 worth of retail sales in a week we would normally distribute 200 catalogues twice within the week. Importantly, each distributor decides for themselves how much they want to do.

After a few months when the “buyers” have been identified we suggest focusing on serving the customers and dropping the non-buyers from your rounds. This will give the same or better results for a lot less effort. There is however, another exciting way to develop your income with the Kleeneze business: Team building.

Team Building

When you first start your Kleeneze business you will be responsible for 100% of the business generated. When you have introduced just 1 other person to the business you will generate only half of your total volume of business and the new joiner will generate the other half (assuming everyone does the same.) When you have a team of 10 people you will be generating only 10% of the business volume personally and the remaining 90% of your business will come from the rest of your team. As your business continues to grow your direct input becomes less significant as your income continues to rise. Once you have others within your team that are building teams themselves the growth of your business and income will accelerate and an increasing proportion of your income will be “passive” or “residual”. This is money that Kleeneze will pay you every 4 weeks on the volume of business generated by your entire team, whether you work or not. You are rewarded for the work that you have done in developing that team and helping your team members to succeed in their own right. This has to be the most powerful alternative to a conventional pension ever devised. You will be paid if you are sick, if you are on holiday and ultimately when you retire at what ever age you chose.

How to build a large residual income working from home

The team building side of Kleeneze gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase your income through your efforts of introducing (also known as sponsoring) others to the business. The more people you help to become successful, the more successful you will become. When you join the business we have a vested interest in your success and when you start introducing others you too will have a vested interest in their success. This creates a very positive working relationship.Following on from the first example above, the next example shows how your earnings would increase if, with the help of your team, you introduced just 5 people who also retailed just £800 per 4 week period like yourself.
Each of the people in your Kleeneze team will be earning over £215 per month. As your group turnover has now increased to £4800 (6 x £800) then you move up the volume profit scale to the 12% level. Your earnings would now be £455 every 4 weeks, or £113 per week. A great supplementary income for very part-time hours!
How many people do you know who would be interested in earning an extra £455 per month (nearly £6000 per annum) working less than 12 hours per week?
As you build your customer base your retailing returns will be much higher and some people in Kleeneze earn over £2000 per month just from retailing. The example below shows how your earnings would increase if you and each of your 5 people retailed £1600 in a 4-week period and just 2 of those people showed 5 people how to do the same.
When a distributor has a group turnover of more than £9,000 in the 4 week period, they qualify as a Gold Distributor.
Remember, you can introduce more than 5 people to the business and as people in your team start to duplicate your efforts, then your turnover and your income will grow.

It gets better……When you have achieved a team turnover of £9,000 and Gold Distributor status you will have others within your team that want to do the same. As they build their team your team will grow and you will progress up the Kleeneze pay plan. Helping just two other people in your team to achieve Gold Distributor status you will move up to Bronze Executive status which will pay you a 4 weekly income of typically £2000 A significant part-time income! The more people that you help to get to Gold Distributor the higher up the Kleeneze payplan you achieve and the more you will earn – with no limits on how big you build your team.If you retail £1000 per 4 week period and introduce just one other person to do the same each period and they duplicate what you are doing by bringing in one other person per period (and so on) your business would grow like this….

Number in your team
1st period 1
2nd period 2
3rd period 4
4th period 8
5th period 16
6th period 32
7th period 64
8th period 128
9th period 256
10th period 512
11th period 1024
12th period 2048
Retailing £250 per week and introducing just one other person every 4 weeks is not onerous and the results can be astounding over time.Remember it’s not just the people that you introduce; it’s also the people that they introduce (and so on). In the theoretical ideal model shown in the table above you have a team of 2048 people after 12 periods and yet you have personally introduced just 11 of them.When you are ready to start building your own Kleeneze team, you will get all the support you need from your direct sponsor, from others in your upline and from Kleeneze.

Together, Everyone Achieves More.

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Wealth Warning

‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’