Extra Bonuses

The financial rewards from your own Kleeneze Business should be almost immediate and the potential over the medium term can be massive. The rewards available are directly in proportion to the effort put in to build your business. Once the “foundations” are in place the income will become increasingly “passive”.
Along the way there are numerous other benefits to building your own Kleeneze business.
Most of the “extra” rewards are awarded for growth and not just size of business. This means that it is generally easier for people relatively new to the business to qualify for these special incentives. They are not just for “those other people” they are available and achievable by everyone.

The 30 Day Retail BonusKleeneze 30 Day Bonus

  • For every order placed within 30 days from registration that exceeds £150/€180 the Distributor will receive 50 Free Catalogues with their order.
  • There are no limits on how many Free Catalogues are awarded in those first 30 days.

The Sponsoring Support BonusSSB

  • When you initiate a New Starter who completes the 30 Day Bonus, you receive a £50/€60 bonus!
  • When your New Distributor has placed and subsequently paid for retail orders of £1800/€2160 within 90 days of registration you will receive a further £50 bonus!
  • When your New Distributor goes on to place and pay for a cumulative total of £3000/€3600 within 90 days of registration you will receive a further £100/€120 bonus.

 Kleeneze 30/30 Car Challenge30 30 Mini

  • Initiate 30 New Distributors who achieve their 30 day bonus in a rolling 12 months and you will be presented with your own Kleeneze Branded Mini to drive for a whole year – the only thing you pay is your petrol!
  • Do the same in the next 12 monthsand you keep the car for another year and so on…
  • Your Mini will always be under 2 years old and will be a moving advert for your business

Kleeneze’s International Conference

Kleeneze Jamaica

For 2016 the incentive destination will The Riviera Maya, Mexico staying at the magnificent Secrets Akumal Hotel & Spa. This destination was announced in January 2016 and we know from experience that there is likely to be people qualifying for this amazing trip that have not even joined Kleeneze yet. For further details of this incentive, please Click Here. This reward is available to everyone that is prepared to make the effort. The Infinity Group has had team members qualify for their first Kleeneze overseas conference within 14 weeks of joining the business – and that was with no relevant previous experience  whatsoever.

Car Incentives

The new car awards have been upgraded to include some of the most prestigious models available, and incredibly, these are to keep for life!
  • Mini First – at Bronze Executive level
  • BMW Z4 or 3 Series Coupe or £25K cash – at Senior Executive level
  • BMW 5 Series or 3 Series Convertible or £30K cash – at Premier level
  • Jaguar XK – at Principal level
  • Aston Martin Vantage – at  Master level
  • Bentley Continental GT – at Grand Master level

Extra Cash Bonuses

more cashMany of the steps up the payplan are rewarded with an extra one-off cash bonus (as well as the on going extra income) of between £300 and £2,500






cupsThere are numerous trophies to be won within The Infinity Group, other upline groups
and Kleeneze’s own Trophies. Something for everyone to aim for. Not the reason that many people join the business but a great way to recognise the achievements of those that make the extra effort.


Non – material

As well as the numerous material rewards there are also many other benefits to being a Kleeneze Distributor

•    Getting to know so many more people local to where you live: your customers debs with lion
•    Meeting many other people through team building and making new friends for life.
•    Working with positive like minded people.
•    Great camaraderie
•    Time freedom – work as much as you like, and at times that suit you.
•    Self-respect. No more asking a boss for time off, or asking a boss for a rise and no more being bossed around! In Kleeneze you are your own boss.
•    Self-esteem – you are running your own business and helping others to succeed       for themselves.
•    You are in control of your finances. If you want to earn more, you can. It’s up to      each individual how much they “retail” for immediate income and how much they develop their team for the larger and passive income.
•    Hope: hope for a better future. In most occupations there is very little hope of anything getting significantly better than it is right now. With your own Kleeneze business your income will grow and your lifestyle improve beyond recognition when the simple system is followed on a consistent basis. team@dinner
•    Fantastic social life mixing with so many people all with a common interest and positive
•    Personal development. As you grow you business you will grow as a person (and vice versa). There is every opportunity to learn all manner of skills, particularly in respect of leadership, communication, attitude, confidence, self discipline and much more. Personal development benefits not just our businesses but all areas of our lives.

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Wealth Warning

‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’