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Kleeneze Roper

After working our Kleeneze business part-time for 5 years our p/t Kleeneze income exceeded £1,000 per week which enabled Steve to return his Co car and walk away from a well paid job, escaping the rat-race forever! Whilst Steve was still in a job we qualified for Conferences to Monaco, Cairns Australia, Monaco a second time, South Africa, Athens and Sydney (and were awarded a Mini Cooper). We have since qualified for 5 further conferences, to Budapest, Mauritius, New York, Miami and most recently, Dubai (and as “top qualifiers”  on to The Maldives). In 2005 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Gavin Scott’s Terrier Group – the biggest group in Kleeneze which includes the Fast Forward Group. In 2007 and again in 2011 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Bob Webb’s Fast Forward Group – the highest status, highest earning Team in Kleeneze. We are for the third year running the current holders of The Pole Position Group’s Top Recruiter Cup. With our amazing team we achieved the highest status promotion in the whole of Kleeneze in 2011. We are enjoying supporting our team to help them to achieve these extra rewards and grow their incomes. The freedom, the rewards and the camaraderie are just brilliant! If you would like to get to know us better please visit our personal Blog.

Kleeneze Stuart and Mark

We started our Kleeneze business in November 2008. We were both working full time, Stuart as a Procurement Manager and Mark as a Chef, and struggling to make ends meet. We needed an extra £100 a month to help pay off Stuart’s credit cards and we worked hard in the first couple of months to establish ourselves in the local area. We now have a really loyal customer base and we regularly hit the 13% bonus level, earning us an extra £380 per month. With Kleeneze’s help over the last 3 years, Stuart has managed to pay off four of his credit cards giving us that little bit extra each month for a few treats. We are now concentrating on building our own team, and pushing hard to be able to work our Kleeneze business full time in 2012. We are part of a great team with the Infinity Group and the help and support is always there when we need it. Kleeneze are always looking at ways to improve the opportunities available to their distributors and we are so pleased to be part of that now, as it really can help you take control of your life again.

Kleeneze Jim and Claire

We started our Kleeneze business in March 2002 to earn an extra £200 a month to pay off University student loans and help towards paying the mortgage on our first home together. Also, we both had threats of redundancy in our jobs (Engineer and Accounts Assistant) and wanted something to give us more security and control of our lives.In our first month we got back our initial investment and made a profit of £130 simply by following the successful, proven system we were taught within the Infinity Group.We are growing our business by helping other people earn the extra income they require. By following the advice of our upline and working closely with our team we have both been able to quit the ‘rat race’ over 30 years early.In June 2007 we qualified with 2 team members for an all expenses paid Kleeneze luxury trip to Cannes on the French Riviera.In 2008/09 we travelled around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for 10 months while our business continued to grow and paid us an income of around £600 every month!March 2010 saw us jet off to Cape Town, South Africa with Kleeneze for another all expenses paid 5-star trip. What other job or business can give such a great bonus?This business has given us time freedom, great income, lots of new friends and the ability to design our own fantastic future.


I left school when I was 15 and was in employment (mainly as Machine Operator in an Engineering firm) until I was 65 years old and my firm asked me to work on which I did for another 2 years. Then, with the recession they had to cut back on the work force and I was laid off.

As I had only the state pension to look forward to I applied for several jobs which needed me to supply them with pages of information from when I started school, when I left etc. 67 years of history for a job which would have paid minimum rate.
I looked on the internet and came across an opportunity with kleeneze and sent away for information. I received a prompt reply and was up and running my business within a week. That was in May 2010 and since then I have achieved a 10% bonus (£780+ in orders) every 4weeks.
I wish I had seen this opportunity years ago. Last year my wife and I, because of my business, could afford a holiday to Egypt for a cruise down the Nile for 14 days. This year I have upgraded my motor car. For the future I am looking forward to sponsoring and training a team and helping to make them as successful as possible.
Kleeneze Erin & Phil GOLD

We met and fell in love on New Years Eve 2001. We were married within a year and now have 3 wonderful children; Jessica (10), Nicholas (8) & Dominic (3).
From day 1, right or wrong, we have always felt we should be able to spend all our time together as a family and not have to compromise on money. So as a Cleaning Supervisor and Lorry Driver we were searching for another way to make our living. We have researched different jobs, businesses and opportunities. In October 2010 we found Kleeneze.
We now have our own business working from home. We work when we want to, and have all the time we need to be together and to be the best parents we can be. Our business is still young, but growing all the time and money is becoming less of a concern than it has ever been. Our kids are the only ones in their school that get both parents there on Sports Days and School Plays, and our future has never looked brighter.
We have just achieved the level of Gold Distributor and are now in qualification for Kleeneze’s international conference in Miami next year. We have some fantastic people in our team who are quickly becoming great friends.
Our goal now is to pass on what we’ve learned and to help as many others as possible to achieve their goals. If we can do it anyone can!

Alli and Dave

I joined Kleeneze in May 2009. I was looking for something I could do from home at my own pace after having to give up my career as a Chef/Manager in December 2008 due to ill health.
In my first 3 weeks I recovered my initial investment with a £200 profit – Kleeneze worked.
In October 2009 Dave joined me in Kleeneze after seeing how much I was enjoying my ‘job’, he came along to a few meetings and realised what Kleeneze could offer us both.
In September 2009 Kleeneze announced Hong Kong as the 2010 Conference destination. It appealed and we were determined to qualify. We worked hard and in July 2010 with the help of our small team and a lot of personal retail we qualified as new “Gold” Distributors, holding it for a further three months to go to Hong Kong, a fantastic 5* all expenses paid trip. We also had our best cheque of £2919.70 for a 4 week period.
Help and support from both The Infinity Group and Kleeneze is amazing. By following a simple proven plan you can reach your own goals and go on to help others in your team achieve theirs.
We are now working to build a team and grow our Kleeneze business so that Dave can quit ‘the rat race’. We can have complete control of our lives and the time to spend enjoying ourselves with all the good friends we have made around the Country in Kleeneze.

Ann  John 2

I was looking for a way to leave my job as University Administrator and work for myself from home. As I was already a Kleeneze customer, I asked my sponsor for some information on the Kleeneze opportunity. We liked what we saw and joined in March 2005. In our FIRST 4-WEEKS we earned just under £300. We not only recouped our initial investment but we also made a profit and it proved to us that the business really works.
Within a year of starting Kleeneze, I was able to reduce my working hours and go part-time with my employer. We continued to grow our business on a part-time basis, but towards the end of 2010, the opportunity arose to take voluntary redundancy and I left my employment at the end of July 2011. As I am now able to devote more time to our business our retailing has improved greatly and our team is steadily growing. With the help and support available within the Infinity Group we reached Gold Distributor level in June 2011. Our highest cheque to date for a 4-week period has been £1,751.72.
We are looking forward to moving even further up the pay plan and to qualify for one of the ‘all expenses paid’ 5-star overseas trips. Kleeneze is a great company and offers people the opportunity to enhance their life style by becoming financially independent giving them the freedom to enjoy life as well as making new friends.


We first looked at the opportunity in March 2006 as the pub trade had been in decline for some time and we needed to earn a bit extra each week to cover the bills. We were already pretty busy running a pub, newsagents and local community directory as well as the normal running about when you have two children. However, we were impressed by Kleeneze’s low start up cost, zero stock holding and the support offered so decided to get started.
We were told exactly what we needed to do and put our catalogues out twice a week. After two weeks we had placed orders over £350 and so were awarded a free gift from Kleeneze. We also achieved sales of £750 in our first four weeks and were sent a free retail kit. In our first period we earnt £235.52 which covered our initial investment and gave us profit.
After realising that this business could actually work for us, we have steadily raised our income, now earning more than £1,000 per month. Recently our efforts really paid off when we qualified for a luxury trip to Cannes – all expenses paid.
We have been supported each step of the way by everyone in the Infinity group and our line of sponsorship. Whenever we had a query, problem or wanted to talk through some ideas we just had to pick up the phone. The training meetings are excellent value and easy to understand and more importantly, fun.


We were initially looking for a part-time job to supplement our income. Earning an extra £50 per week would make a massive difference to our household budget. To our surprise, working this business around a small child and full-time employment, in our FIRST 4-WEEKS we earned over £470. This proved to us that the business works.
With the incredible support available within ‘The Infinity Group’ our income has steadily grown. On a Part-Time basis our highest payment to date was over £2200 for a 4-Week period and we also qualified for an ‘All Expenses Paid’, 5-Star European trip.
We are now looking forward to a more financially secure future and building a business which will enable us to spend more time with our family.
With this business having such a level playing field and high earning potential, the incomes that are available are achievable by absolutely anyone.

Kleeneze Clapton

Before I joined Kleeneze I was a Baker for 25 years working 48 – 60 hrs a week and then I left, going into Support Work for the Elderly for 2+ years part time. I was then made redundant on 31st March 2010.
Being used to having two incomes we were looking for a new opportunity. One day watching TV, the advert came on for Kleeneze and I discussed this with my wife Debbie, who has a full time job as an Invoice Processor. I phoned Kleeneze who put me in touch with Steve & Debbie Roper founders of the Infinity Group, which we are now proud to be part of, we met them and they were very helpful and detailed in explaining the ‘Business’ & continue to be supportive.
We joined on 11th May 2010. and I earned £450.77 part time in our first 4 weeks. During this time we achieved the Fast Start Bonus 1 & 2 (both for free 50 sets of catalogues), plus the 10% & 13% Volume Profit achieving SILVER DISTRIBUTOR level & now we are sponsoring people into our team. I enjoy being my own boss with positive attitude.
I was a little sceptical at first about Kleeneze, but was willing to give it a go, and as you can see it really works.


We first saw Kleeneze in 2001 when we were in England on an extended visit from Canada. We had experience with network marketing in Canada but were still looking for the right opportunity.
Once we investigated Kleeneze, met some successful people and attended a meeting, we were encouraged to keep going. The Infinity Group has a proven system for creating volumes without ‘selling’, wonderful hands-on training and an easy-to-follow process for building a team.
Within 4 weeks we had our initial investment back and we made the decision to emigrate from Canada to take up the Kleeneze business in earnest. It hasn’t let us down – in fact, it has exceeded our expectations.
The people – a great team; the rewards – trips to Monte Carlo, Budapest, Mauritius, Thailand, the Caribbean, South Africa and Hong Kong; and the future – a growing residual income – all mean that our goals and dreams are becoming a reality.

Kleeneze dave Pat

We joined Kleeneze in January 2010 because we were worried about our future. We should retire in 10 years time and would only have a state pension to survive on . However, with the wonderfull support of the Infinity Group we are now achieving group sales of £2400 every 4 weeks giving us an extra income of £500 four weekly and rising. We see Kleeneze as the way forward for us and our aim is to give up our present jobs as full-time Chefs and concentrate our efforts on building a solid income for our future and helping our team to achieve their dreams too.


Kleeneze Fred & Karen

Karen’s background is from the world of finance where she worked in high street banking then moved into the training side of banking where she taught major banks all over the world how to use banking computer systems. My background is from the military (Ex RSM army) training arena and then working in the motor industry working for Honda cars and motorcycles.
We saw an advert in the newspaper and looked into the company and researched the company for about two years. Our circumstances changed and we needed some extra money. We initially wanted to earn about £100 per week, which would enable us to pay some additional credit cards.
In our first 3 weeks our Income cheque was £235.72, so we knew the system worked and we had our investment back in three weeks. After two months our income had risen over £400.00 every month and it continued to steadily increase and our highest cheque to date is £2066.26 for a four week period.
We have enjoyed a great social life, great recognition and we have qualified for an all inclusive, totally paid long weekend to Marrakech, all courtesy of Kleeneze.
Being part of the Infinity group we have access to some of the best training and support within Kleeneze which has enabled us to build our business.
We have a list of places we want to see, things we want to do and to have no financial worries. We are both working towards retiring in the next year and having time to do all the things we want to do.
Our dreams are becoming reality with this business.

Kleeneze Mike and Anne

Ex Purchasing Manager & Pensions Administrator
Mike had experience of Network Marketing whilst living in Canada. Finding the Kleeneze Opportunity ticked all the boxes for Mike when he was made redundant. After six months, we both attended the Kleeneze Conference and Anne was inspired to become a distributor too. The system and support was there from day one and our retail income began to rise. We started team building in our second year and moved up the payplan to the level of Gold Distributors, also qualifying for the European Conference destination, an all expenses paid weekend in Prague – a fantastic experience!! Our ambition is to continue moving up the payplan by helping our team achieve their goals.
Being a part of the Infinity Group provides us with excellent support from leaders who have personally had great success in Kleeneze because of their commitment to helping all members of their team through constant communication, and ongoing training and personal development.

Kleeneze Peter Allan

I started my Kleeneze business in October 2009. I have been delighted with my results. The very first order that I placed was for £438 worth of customer orders and this was within just two weeks of getting started! In my first month of business I had an income of £244.10. When I started I worked the business on a part time basis around my day job. In my third month my income was £463.11. By October 2010 my income was £725.84 still working on a part time basis. In February 2011 my monthly income was £1603.09
It’s a really great opportunity to build something better for the future. We know it works. The business keeps getting better and better. I have found the help and support to be excellent and that same help and support is available for anyone that joins my Team. I am really excited about all of our future prospects within The Infinity Group and look forward to helping many others that join my team to achieve their own success.

Kleeneze June and David Love

David had been running his computer and accounts consultancy with June’s secretarial bureau for eighteen years, experiencing the ups and downs of employing staff, a great deal of administration work and constantly chasing customers for payment. Sometimes this entailed having to work seven days a week – just to keep on top of the work.
David saw an advertising banner, commuting home one Friday night and decided to respond. An Information Pack duly arrived and it was Kleeneze! We both remembered our mothers at the door with the Kleeneze man and his leather suitcase full of lavender polish and brush samples. Now all the products are beautifully illustrated in catalogues! June was taken with being out in the fresh air and we remember our first catalogue drop, returning later, being excited to find orders inside from people we hadn’t even met! We followed the system and within three weeks had recovered our initial outlay.
We progressed steadily and in November 2007, qualified for a long weekend trip to Marrakech. In March 2009, we followed this with a whole week cruising around the Caribbean on a luxury sailing liner – both trips were all expenses paid!
The experiences and friendships we have with Kleeneze are fantastic so we have made this our future, so we are in control of our lives at last!


Before joining Kleeneze in June 2003, I had been working as a senior manager with a major pharmaceutical research company when I was made redundant and my employment was brought to an abrupt end. As if by fate, I stumbled upon Kleeneze and after attending the June 2003 Annual Sales Conference I felt so excited by the potential within this company that I immediately stopped looking for another job and together with my wife focussed my effort on building a successful Kleeneze business. Kleeneze has given us both a fresh start in life and we have made many new and dear friends over the last year. In 2006 Kleeneze took us and 150 other qualifiers away for an all expenses paid trip to Budapest for the European Conference and we look forward to many more such trips in the future. This business can give you anything that you want. It is so exciting to think that there is no limit to what we can achieve with our Kleeneze business and it is so rewarding to be in a position to help other people achieve their dreams along the way. Our biggest monthly income cheque so far has been £2095.42

Kleeneze geoff-and-maggie-shepherd

We joined Kleeneze in Sept. 2006, having been sponsored by Steve and Laine, our son & daughter-in-law. We joined on leaving the pub we had all been running for nearly 10 years, as the recession among other things had turned our profitable business into a loss maker, and debts were accumulating rapidly.
Initially we wanted to make a small income to supplement Geoff’s earnings as a mini bus driver, which he had taken on after leaving the pub, and later to supplement our pensions. Our first cheque was £212.24 so we knew we had taken the right decision.
We followed our team system sponsoring team members and continuing to retail and our cheques steadily increased to over £1,000 over the Christmas period.
Following the announcement of Hong Kong as the conference destination we decided this was going to be our major goal. The team contribution would be unlikely to enable us to achieve this so we made the decision to get to gold by retailing. We were encouraged by our upline who gave us their full support and helped us to plan and execute our campaign.
After concentrated effort we actually achieved gold 2 days before the end of the period. Although it was tiring the result was well worth it, with a cheque for £3,305! We also received personal congratulations from Michael Khatkar from Head office and 10 new income kits. We are now concentrating on consolidating our status by encouraging more team members and helping them achieve their goals.

Kleeneze Anne & Sean

Both Sean and I are self employed, run our own business and have two young children. In the autum of 2006, I was looking for something that I could do on a part-time basis to earn an extra income that would fit around my work committments and our busy family life. Having received a leaflet through our door – stating “Earn an extra Income” we decided to investigate and did some research on the internet. We decided that this opportunty was for us and joined in November 2006. In our first 3 weeks in the business we earned £517.14, which well and truly covered our intitial investment. Being part of the Infinity Group has proven to us that the system in place works, the training and support received from leaders who have achieved tremendous success within Kleeneze has helped to grow our business. We are very excited about our future and know that by following the system we too can have great success. To date our largest cheque has been £1,814.92

Kleeneze Wendy

I joined Kleeneze in September 2009. I was in Senior Management within recruitment since 1993, working long hours and under immense pressure. I had my children in 2000 and 2005 and returned to working part time with my children being in private childcare provision 40 hours a week. My bills for monthly childcare were double my mortgage payments!! I earned a good salary, with a company car, etc. but I got ill in 2008 and then I was made redundant in May 2009 and found myself not knowing how I was going to work around my illness, my kids and my requirement for an interesting “job”. Whilst surfing the internet for a work from home opportunity, I came across Kleeneze. I wasn’t sure how I could physically do the distribution as I suffer with chronic fatigue and walk with a crutch. I got more information about the opportunity and thought if I didn’t give it a go, I would never know!! Doing the business in school hours is great; no more childcare! My little girl loves coming with me to deliver the customer orders, and she gets great tips! I also have the chance to spend time with the kids when they are ill without having the guilt of taking time off. This year I am going to both the kids Christmas shows, without asking anyone and without dashing straight off like the other working Mums and Dads!!
In my first month I earned £251.37 retail profit and I earned my 10% bonus level in my first 4 weeks in the business; this more than paid for my initial investment of £157 and I received a free box of 50 catalogues for achieving this. I have 3 people in my team now who I am coaching and supporting to build their businesses too. After 3 months I have earned my 13% bonus level and my last cheque for 4 weeks p/t work was £509.42 I want to get to the level of Gold Distributor as quickly as I can and I will do this by sharing this great opportunity.

Kleeneze Alan and Donna

Joining Kleeneze has allowed us to run our business around our full time commitments and demanding four month old twins. We currently earn £500+ every four weeks in retail profit alone and with the help and support of the Infinity Group the amount we earn will more then double within the next six months due to the building of our business.
We are very fortunate and excited to be part of the Infinity Group. Everybody is made to feel welcome and everybody is treated equally and receives any help they may need.
The best part of this particular group which you will not find in a job, is that everybody is so friendly, everybody is out to help everybody else and it is because they want to make your dreams come true. Not like in a job where people have to help people. We have made many new friends within the team. Kleeneze is not all work and no play; we have a lot of fun doing the activities that enables us to build our business there is so much to look forward to. With the help we are receiving, we are working towards our plan to become financially secure and to give everybody in our family the best things in life.


On being exposed to the massive potential of network marketing, I decided that this was my route to financial freedom, wealth and security, having being awakened from the illusion of ‘getting a good, secure job for life!!!’ A couple of networks and a redundancy later I discovered this opportunity. “Building my business on a part-time basis around commuting to a full time job in the city, I was able to not only recoup my initial investment with profit in my first 4 weeks but now my income has exceeded £2000 PART TIME”. With tremendous support from my group and a proven system I have also qualified for an all expenses paid trip to Budapest 5* all the way. There is no limit to what can be achieved with this business!

Kleeneze Brian and Avril

After running our own Insurance Brokerage for 35 years, we needed something to do when we sold the business. Kleeneze was the answer to our prayers. We can do as much or as little as we wish. If we need a bit more, we know we can get it by working a bit harder. We have met a wonderful group of new friends, and enjoy conferences, parties, dinners BBQs etc, with like minded people. We mostly retail, and earn a nice extra income, while doing something we really enjoy. We have support from everyone, while running our Kleeneze business at our own pace.

Hugh & Elizabeth Lindsay

We joined Kleeneze in June 2011 to earn an extra income as Elizabeth had a major operation in November the previous year and we were starting to feel the pinch. We achieved every fast start bonus in our first 2 months in the business, and got to the 10% bonus level in our first month earning £266. We also went up the pay plan in our second period achieving our 13% bonus level, this earned us £363 for a 4 week period this was achieved by the help of one other person in our team. We have enjoyed our first 2 months in the business meeting lots of people, and it has helped us to do something productive that will help our family in the long term. We really look forward to the day that we can concentrate our time solely to Kleeneze on a full time basis, rather than part time due to the fact that Hugh works full-time as a customer service sales representative and Elizabeth is a full-time cashier at Tesco. We plan to be working Kleeneze full time within the next year, we know that this is achievable with the help and support that we receive from the great team of people that we have around us in the Infinity Group.


David and I were in Kleeneze 10 yrs ago. At that time David needed an extra income to support his golf club making business. We did qualify as Gold distributors and qualified for the Monaco Conference. Soon after this, David’s Golf Business started taking off and it was down to me to continue with the Kleeneze business. Sadly I was not in a particularly good place at that time, and had quite a negative attitude. So we, left Kleeneze.
Even though we left, Kleeneze did leave a legacy – it introduced me to the concept of personal development. So over the past ten years I have been working on myself and feel I have come a long way in that time. I started to think about returning back with the goal of
supporting a team.
Once it had been confirmed that I was being made redundant at the end of March. I declared to David that I was going back to Kleeneze and that he could join me if he liked.
We started retailing alongside our full time work and in our first month we achieved the 10% bonus level and earned £273 as well as two “Fast Start” bonuses.

I first looked at the Kleeneze opportunity 8 years before we joined. Originally I didn’t realise the full potential it could offer. It was only after redundancy that I took another look and joined in January 2009 and have never looked back . I had been working as a national sales manager which meant I had a great income but no time to enjoy life. Steve joined the following month after struggling to find work in the building trade during the recession. Kleeneze has given us a great work / life balance, new friends and a completely new outlook on life. The help & support within The Infinity Group has meant we were able to quickly progress up the pay plan and are currently Senior Distributors with a growing team and income. We have already been on a fantastic 5* all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong and have now set our goals to get a free mini cooper! I just wish we joined sooner!

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