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FAQ | Kleeneze with SteveAndDebbieRoper.com

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Kleeneze earn

The more you do the more you will earn. When starting the business part-time you will earn about £450 per month straight away when distributing 200 catalogues twice weekly. Thereafter profits of £500 per month are commonplace; £1,000 per month frequent; £2,000 per month attainable by anybody and £5,000+ per month if you’re really committed.

Kleeneze support

You will get all the help and support you could ever need. You will be joining the most dynamic group in Kleeneze and we will make every effort to help you succeed. We have a vested interest in your success. You will have access to the “Interactive Training System”, team newsletters and numerous trainings and events around the country. In addition we positively encourage you to keep in contact with your sponsor as regularly as you need to. You will also receive a weekly bulletin from Kleeneze with every order.

KLeeneze time

One of the great things about Kleeneze is that you can work it around current commitments and there is no pressure on you to do more than you have time to do. Even if you only have a few hours a week to spare, you can slowly start to build your business and then when you have more time, you can get more serious about it. We found that as the money came rolling in we “made” more time. It is often the case that the busiest people are the ones that will still get the most done!

business man in bankrupt

We believe that when people understand just how quickly they will earn back their initial investment, they can then find a way to raise the small investment required for a Business Builder kit. We also recognise that many people looking at this opportunity want to earn money because they don’t have as much as they need at the moment and find it hard to raise the money to get started; if this is you then please speak directly with us to discuss the options open to you.

Kleeneze vision

The vast majority of people in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany are not even aware of the Kleeneze Opportunity. Those that are, sometimes do not see the potential of it, sometimes because they are too sceptical to ask the questions or fully investigate how the business works. The fact is that everyone who works the system properly and stays with it, makes good money. It is your sponsor’s aim to try and help you see the potential of this exciting opportunity and to give you all the necessary support and help to achieve whatever you want from the business.

Kleeneze catalogue set

Because Kleeneze actually move a lot of products to the public, not just to agents. Wehave no “upfront” purchase requirements and the agents have no stock to hold. Without exception, every agent who works the business, makes money. Also we do not have a “few at the top” who make all the money. With Kleeneze the money is spread more evenly thus maintaining the opportunity for new agents who really do get into profit almost straight away.

Kleeneze Sceptic

Many organisations come and go. Only a handful of companies have stayed the course. Unlike many networks, you will not need thousands of people in your group to succeed – just a few will work wonders. We publish our Distributors figures monthly and can prove to you the incomes earned.

Kleeneze partnership

We have spoken with people that have failed in Kleeneze previously that are still looking for a business opportunity. When they have told us that Kleeneze doesn’t work it has become apparent from the conversation that follows, that they had not been shown by their sponsor how to operate their business effectively. With the excellent help and support of The Infinity Group coupled with your actions, you will succeed.

Kleeneze Europe Map

There are no territorial restrictions with this business and plenty of room for everyone. We suggest that wherever you live, whether there are other distributors in the area or not, and whether you are working on-line or with the catalogues, you simply work as close to home as possible. You will develop and service a customer base and teach your other distributors to do the same in any part of the UK and Ireland. The majority of Kleeneze Distributors overlap with other distributors and they all get business. The more Distributors there are the more business that is generated.

Kleeneze no cars

Definitely yes! We have a car and use it, whilst there are others in the team that can’t drive and are being successful. There are also those that have a car and choose to do their retailing on foot or on a bicycle. Particularly with retailing on-line via Social Media we find many customers are willing to come to us to collect their orders at pre-arranged times. Whether you have a car or not we recommend that you build your customer base as close to home as possible. Remember, there is no rush. A lot of distributors prefer to visit their customers on foot to enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

Kleeneze letterbox

No, the catalogues are just one quick and easy way to generate business. Retail business can also be generated via Social Media and your own on-line webshop that will be provided for you. Other’s may prefer Party Plan or Personal/commercial marketing which can also be very effective. Whilst we need to move products to the market as a whole, many distributors prefer to concentrate more on the team building aspect of the business.

Kleeneze team building

No. Many Kleeneze distributors make a substantial income without team building. The bigger retailers earn around £40K a year purely from their personal retail business. In time you can further enhance your income by introducing others if/when you choose.

Kleeneze help

You will receive unlimited help from our group which we truly believe to be the best for support. We give you any training that you need to sponsor people into your team. We have sponsored many, many people and we’ll help you do the same! When you start with Kleeneze, promotional items such as DVDs and leaflets and much more are provided so that you can show others about the business.

Kleeneze future

Kleeneze have been in business since 1923 and were the first networking company in Europe (1970). We have a proud tradition, are financially sound and we care for customers and agents alike. A proven track record of over 90 years suggests a stability that very few other companies can boast. We are not supplying a short term “fad” product or service but providing products that are in demand every day. The future has never looked brighter.

Yes! We believe that everyone should have the very best chance to make what they want of this unique opportunity and for that you will need the appropriate help and support. We believe that in The Infinity Group we provide the very best help and support available in Kleeneze, bar none. The Infinity Group is one of the major success stories within the Fast Forward Group – and this is the highest status highest earning team in Kleeneze.

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‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’